About Us

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Itasca County Pickleball Association (ICPA) is to promote the sport of pickleball in Grand Rapids, Cohasset and the greater Itasca County area , to facilitate the use of the pickleball courts and equipment, make rules and regulations for their optimum use and to foster goodwill, sportsmanship and fellowship among its members.

We developed this website to give its members  as well as visitors to the area information about where and when they can play pickelball.


The Itasca Area Pickleball Association all began around 2006 when a small group of friends who played pickleball together in Arizona in the winter decided they needed a place to play at home in the summer.  They cleaned out their friend’s huge Morton building and painted one court inside.  During the next few years more and more friends who were learning the game joined them.  Now we needed a bigger place to play.

About 2009 we approached the Cohasset Rec. Department about playing in their hockey rink at Portage Park in Cohasset.  The first year we chalked the court lines and had to rechalk them every time it rained.  The second year the Cohasset Rec. Dept. supplied us with paint and equipment and a group of about 20 of our players lined and painted 7 courts. During the winter months we were able to play at the Community Center in Cohasset.  In 2013 our group began looking for additional courts to play on in Grand Rapids. Also at this time the YMCA in Grand Rapids started playing pickle ball in the spring of 2013 with only a few players. It has grown to over 50.  In the summer of 2014 the Grand Rapids Rec. Department had 8 courts painted on the 2 tennis courts at Grussendorf Park in Grand Rapids. In July, 2015 our group officially became Itasca County Pickleball Association (ICPA) with a board of directors.  We welcome all players in the greater Itasca area to join us at any of our Places to Play.