Condensed Summary of Covid-19 Guidelines For Safe Play
May 21, 2020

The following is a list of details for safe play at the ODC at the YMCA during Covid-19. Please adhere to these guidelines until further notice :

1. You must have signed up in advance using SignUpGenius (here). You must register and play with a safe partner and a group of 4 for your 2-hour time slot.

2. You must sign a hold-harmless waiver for Covid-19 and submit it to the court monitor prior to any play. You can print this waiver from the ICPA member information emailed to you or if nonmember one will be available to you at the courts.

3. A daily check-in is required with your name, date and phone number. You will find the check-in at the court monitor table. Sign it with a clean pen provided.

4. Your gear must include: gloves, face mask (if desired), hand sanitizer, wipes, towel, at least 2 of your own sanitized balls (marked as yours), your own paddle.

5. You must bring your own chair and water bottle. Tables will be off limits and no water provided. Under no circumstance should you share water. Place your chairs 6 feet apart and place your gear on your chair.

6. You and your partner will use your own ball. Your opponents will use their ball. Serve only with your own ball. Do not retrieve the ball with your hand. Use your paddle or foot and return under or around the net. A pail of bleach solution will be provided to sanitize balls at the end of play.

7. Social distancing is required at all times. Please be aware of your 6-foot spacing when entering and leaving the courts, ending games, retrieving balls.

8. The portable restroom will be available. It will be cleaned before and after each session. Players should use supplies provided to wipe down any touch points after each use.

Please be aware of our responsibilities to each other and to the community and be respectful of these ICPA/ODC guidelines for safe play.