In case you haven’t driven by the YMCA lately, considerable work has been completed already this spring.  Final grading and blacktopping have been completed.  Next will come the fencing and hardware installation.  The asphalt will need to properly cure for up to 30 days before the court painting and application of the acrylic top coating can be completed.   A small amount of landscaping will also be done.  With feedback from you, decisions have been made regarding the basketball and pickleball court colors, fencing and appropriate wind screening. We are still expecting to have the courts fully completed by mid-July.  Are we getting excited or what?


On May 24th, we were notified by the U.S. Bank / Places to Play Foundation that the ODC at the Y has been selected as one of their grant recipients for 2018.   Over the past 3 years, only 24 other projects throughout Minnesota have received such a grant.  We are very honored and appreciative of U.S. Bank / Places to Play in recognizing the positive impact of our project in our community.  In our grant application last fall, we requested $25,000.  After reviewing our grant application and coming to Grand Rapids for an on-site visit in March, they awarded us $35,000.   Feedback from U.S. Bank Places to Play officials indicated that they wished to be the ‘closer’ in our fundraising efforts and take us across the finish line.  Here’s the link to their website;

While this grant does bring us very CLOSE to the finish line, a recent analysis of our funding status has revealed about a $10,000 shortfall.  The ODC at the Y Implementation Committee met on 6-7-18 and has a plan to address this shortfall.  However, if you have any thoughts or suggestions for additional financial support, please let Bob Holycross or Steve Feyma know as soon as possible. 

It is important for everyone to remember that we still have a significant amount of funds that have been pledged but not fully paid.  There remains approximately $36,000 scheduled to be paid in 2018 and a little over $12,000 scheduled to be paid over the following 3 years.  Bottom line is we are counting on these funds being submitted on a timely basis.  Your cooperation and support is very much appreciated. 


Once we have a confirmed completion date we plan to schedule a ribbon cutting ceremony and possibly an Open House and welcoming event a bit later in the summer.  Stay tuned!  

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Bob Holycross at 218-244-8289 or or Steve Feyma at 218-259-5684 or  We thank you for your terrific support and enthusiasm.