After over two years of work, ground was finally broken in early October at the Itasca County Family YMCA site for the construction of the Outdoor Courts at the Y project. This work represents Phase 1 of the project and entailed site preparation, sub-grade excavation, back-filling, and contouring of the courts. Additionally, a parking lot was constructed including the first lay of asphalt. Underground electrical work was also completed.


Completion of Phase 2 and the entire project is scheduled to start in May of 2018 and completion at the latest by July 16. This schedule is entirely contingent upon having the necessary funding in place prior to initiating construction. Phase 2 includes final site grading, paving the courts with asphalt, applying the acrylic final court surfacing, installation of fencing, installing backboard, hoops, pickleball net hardware, parking lot final lay of asphalt and final ground work and landscaping.


As of 12/19/17, a total of $281,638 has been raised via pledges, contributions, in kind services and grants. We need a total of $312,000 to fully complete the project so we are currently at 90.3% of our funding goal. Another way to look at it is that we ONLY need $30,362 to be fully funded.


Any additional contributions to reduce this shortfall would be greatly appreciated. Talk to your friends, neighbors, relatives etc. about this project and why you are passionate about it. Any acceleration in your pledge payments would certainly help as well. New contributions can be arranged simply by contacting any of the individuals below and they will be happy to forward to you the ODC at the Y pledge form or any other project information. Please remember that all contributions are tax deductible and can indeed be paid over a two year period. PLUS your name will appear on a donor plaque once the courts are completed.

Monica Beighley 218-398-001    Joni Namyst 218-327-1161    Troy Gunderson 218-232-0291

Sue Koprowski 612-710-3984     Kay Dugas 218-244-3044      Patty Clusiau 218-259-1406

Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Bob Holycross at 218-244-8289 or or Steve Feyma at 218-259-5684 or We thank you for your terrific support and enthusiasm.